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Why A Statutory Audit Is Done

To examine the authenticity of a company or government entity's financial records a statutory audit is carried out. Its goal is not very different from various other kinds of audits. Such an audit is performed to gauge whether or not an entity is accurately representing its financial position with records like financial statements, monetary transactions and bank statements. A statutory audit is imposed by law. For instance, state laws might mandate all municipal areas inside of its territory to submit each and every financial record for the purpose of audit and then make the result of the audit readily available to the public. This way, people will come to know how the taxpayer's money is being spent.

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When this kind of an audit is carried out for a non-public company, its aim will be to verify regularity of financial records and transactions to shareholders. For a government owned organization, this audit can be a means to maintain its image and demonstrate its accountability to the community. For audits of privately held businesses, shareholders choose the auditors. An auditor is positioned very high in the company structure and his importance can be compared to the management team.

Maintaining accurate financial accounts is an integral part of every business. You will use these accounts to determine how your business has been functioning and also to see what you need to do for your company to grow.

When it comes to preparing a statutory audit for a corporate entity, specific formalities and procedures have to be maintained and followed. Typically, before this kind of an audit is carried out, a preliminary meeting is held between the organization management and regulators. This is essential for identifying sections of compliance, finalizing schedules and supplying a knowledge base to participants. Before the audit can take place, audit subjects need to be provided with all the required data.

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For a successful audit, documentation must be made with care. Excellent time management and scheduling is another crucial factor for the audit. An auditor conducting this type of an audit must assess and understand a company or entity's operating environment extensively. He also confirms whether the company is sticking to industry standards and regulations while doing business transactions and deals including acquisitions and mergers.

Every single business regardless of its size must maintain accurate financial records. Many businesses usually hire a full time accountant to prepare their financial accounts. Hiring an accountant could be good if your business is big.

For understanding and obtaining information on the work ethics of the company, the auditor may send formal notifications and request letters to its departmental employees. In some instances, the auditor performing such an audit might check with industry consultants and other veteran auditors. It isn't uncommon for the auditor to investigate the previous year's audits in this context.

A certified public accountant (also known simply as CPA) is a person that is needed by any company out there. It is banned to operate without having an accountant to look over your accounts and keep everything in order.

Though a statutory audit is crucial for developing the clean business image of a company or projecting accountability of government agencies, it has its limits too. If any kind of discrepancy in financial records and bank statements is discovered during an audit, that can damage the professional reputation of an entity. With privately owned companies, the repercussions can be far reaching. Consequently, companies and government entities have to come clear on transactions and financial records prior to opting for an audit.

Why A Statutory Audit Is Done
To examine the authenticity of a company or government entity's financial records a statutory audit is carried out. Its goal is not very different from various other kinds of audits.

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